Top 3 Signs That Will Help You Spot a Fake Sugar Daddy in UK

While there are a number of handsome, mature men on online dating sites, especially for such open relationships like sugar dating, there are also a number of fake ones out there, pretending to be someone they are absolutely not. It is true that men with deeper pockets have an edge in the sugar bowl because they can provide the requisite luxury and financial security that women look for in this kind of an arrangement. But that does not mean that a man who is not at that level, will try to impersonate someone and fool the girls out there.

Unfortunately, many sugar babies are falling prey to such fake sugar daddies. And the only way to save yourself from a sugar daddy scam is to spot the imposters. So, here we have put together a few signs of the wrong sugar daddy profile that you must avoid at all costs.

Desperate Actions

Is this sugar daddy desperate to get into a relationship with you? Do you think he is hasting things a bit too much? While there is no harm in being a little excited and showing a lot of interest but overdoing things must ring a bell in your mind. Always remember that the true blue silver foxes have seen the world. They have built a great business empire owing to their skill, experience, and wisdom and all their financial decisions are also guided by the same. Similarly, they will not take a random, hasty decision in this case too because it involves their hard earned money. He will definitely take more time to know you and understand whether you are the right profile for him or not. Wanting to get into the relationship too soon, and making early promises of a lavish holiday or expensive gifts is definitely a red flag.

Too Intimate Too Soon

Too much sex talk during the nascent stages of your relationship means that the person in question is looking for an escort rather than a companion. Asking for naked pictures just before meeting you, calling you to a hotel alone, checking if you could invite him over to your place, etc are all signs that he would quickly disappear the moment he gets everything that he wants. While it is true that getting intimate with each other can be a part of a sugar bowl but a sugar daddy is not just into that but is also looking for a sugar baby who can spend quality time with him. He will first try to get to know you, hang out with you, and then get under the sheets with you. If things don’t work in this order, it is surely time to run for the hills.

Shabby Appearance

The easiest way to spot fake sugar daddies is to go through his profile thoroughly; you will notice that it will have a few direct or indirect hints about his identity. One of the best ways to go about it is to check the photos. Having no pictures at all, or too professional or posy photos indicate a high chance of it being a fake. Sometimes, these imposters are so smart that they put or morph photos in front of exotic locations or rent fancy clothes just for the good photos. However, if his fakeness doesn’t come across in the pictures, it will surely give away when you meet him personally. Try to match him with his profile pictures. He cannot always wear designer clothes or branded accessories. Rich, successful, and smart gentleman have a charisma and dignity which also reflects in the way they look and carry themselves, and this is something that cannot be faked by anyone. Be alert about these things on your first date.

So, what are you waiting for? If you think you have come across a man looking for sugar baby but portrays such red flags, then you should immediately stop entertaining him.



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