Sugar Daddy UK vs Sugar Daddy US, Find the Differences

According to the statistic from, sugar daddy UK and sugar daddy US are the most active users. Yet there are some very interesting differences between these two groups.

  • Sugar daddies in UK are more likely to have a higher budget for sugar babies than sugar daddies in US. This is not about who is definitely more generous and who is definitely cheap. In fact, this is about the cost of living in different countries: The cost of living in UK is much higher than the cost of living in America – this is already very well-known because a lot of Americans are aware of the fact that everything is very expensive in UK. Therefore, sugar daddies in Australia usually give more allowance to their sugar babies. For instance, in 2019 research shows that the average allowance received by a sugar baby in UK is about US$4,000 per month, whereas the average allowance received by an American sugar baby is approximately US$3,000 per month.
  • In general, sugar daddies in UK are more relaxed than sugar daddies in US. The UK corporate culture is different from the American corporate culture. For example, in an UK company, everyone has almost one month’s annual leave with pay and at least 10 days’ sick leave with pay each year (and there are many public holidays throughout the year as well); nevertheless, in an American company, people definitely work much harder. Meanwhile, English are generally paid better than Americans. In other words, sugar daddies in UK don’t really have to work that hard, even if some of them aren’t business owners (they are just senior managers). By contrast, most sugar daddies in the United States want to work like Gary Vaynerchuk! That also means if you date a sugar daddy in UK, he will have more time to hang out with you; nonetheless, if you date a sugar daddy in America, he requires less time from you.
  • There are more Asian sugar daddies in UK than in America when it comes to the percentage of sugar daddies with Asian origin. It is said that the many rich men from Asia prefer moving to UK or Canada because the United States isn’t as safe as other English-speaking countries. Indeed, when a wealthy man has a lot of money, safety is of vital importance. In the Asian culture, men are supposed to support women financially, so a larger percentage of Asian millionaire men are more willing to become sugar daddies. Better still, because Asians value a luxury lifestyle once they’ve made it, your Asian sugar daddy probably knows luxury brands better than you do and is happy to buy you high-end handbags/jewelry. However, in the United States, it’s not very easy to find an Asian rich guy on sugar daddy dating websites.
  • Sugar daddies in US are more likely to be celebrities than sugar daddies in UK. If you want both money and fame, you should date sugar daddies in America because you have a bigger chance to meet celebrities looking for sugar babies in the United States. The majority of celebrities from English-speaking countries live in the US because there are many more career opportunities in America. In fact, many super stars in UK have moved to the United States permanently as well. Hence, America is the perfect country where you can date a celebrity. Having said that, not everyone wants fame; thus, it’s perfectly okay to date sugar daddies in UK who have money without fame!

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