5 useful guides for a sugar baby in UK

Sugar baby in UK must have a fun mind in sugar daddy dating relationship, and also need follow the 5 useful guides we recommend to you.

  • Attractive Photos in your profile. It’s better if you put more than one picture on your profile, make it two or beyond two, show your face and your body clearly. A travel or vacation photo with beautiful sight would be better than a casual self-portrait in your messy bedroom or bathroom.

Nice pictures would form a nice impression of you, if it’s philistinism or disordered, people who see it will feel you an idiotic girl, at least not worthy of precious.

  • Some sugar daddies  or those of a different background don’t want to show everyone exactly who they are, but most men would not mind giving you something to prove their income. Ask them for verification. When they give you a picture you can simply do your Google search, there would be some results in Google Image if they use a fake picture from internet (Or TinEye – a useful reverse image search). And their driver’s license combine with the photo of him will help you find out if they are real.
  •  Phone call. If you meet a sugar daddy in UK and you two decide to keep in touch all the time, find a way out to solve the contact problem. Why? Because you may have a boyfriend or other relationships, it would be awkward or make some troubles if others see the messages of you two as there are some men who like send Very Detailed message… You know what I mean.

Buy a prepaid card to message or use a specific platform like Skype to video, but it’s more expensive to call on prepaid phones so if your sugar daddy is a ‘gentleman’ at anytime, you can consider calling him directly as well.

  •  Don’t decide your allowance on the first meeting. First date should be an ordinary meeting as you still can’t fully trust a man you have never meet in person, in case you jump into the sack. Talking with him to get to know your date better and decide if he is the right one who can be your sugar daddy, not to decide your allowance immediately. If things go well, you need to offer something as well in sugar daddy dating relationship, so you must make sure you find the one who can support you for good, and then that’s the timing to decide your allowance.

If your sugar daddy is the one who propose specific amount of the allowance, accept it if it’s not far from what you expect. You have time to negotiate it in the future.

  •  Observe every details of your date. A sugar daddy in UK may be understated in their outfits or car, but it’s different with cheap absolutely. If he wear $20 T-shirt and arrange you a low end restaurant, don’t deceive yourself that he is testing you, there is no need a sugar daddy using this way to test their sugar baby. Just stop further contact with this guy, he’s poor no matter if he has ever cheated or scammed you, thus it’s obviously that this guy could not become your sugar daddy.